eat intuitively,live intuitively

a 6 Week coaching experience

journey begins June 2019


Food is a big stressor


Thanks to the wonderful media, most of us females grow up dissatisfied with our bodies. As a result, many of us suffer from disordered eating (restricting, calorie counting, endless dieting, binging, or avoiding foods like fat and carbs). We shut off our natural intuition when it comes to food…and eventually everything else.

So What is intuition Anyway?

There are many definitions out there, but to me, intuition is a deep knowing without having to consciously think about it. It is that gut instinct, that flutter in your heart, that voice in your head that speaks to you beyond the rational mind. As women we are gifted with a deep knowing.

“Women’s intuition” is something we are born with, and it is POWERFUL! However, many of us have either shut off this gift, or been taught to trust reason or wisdom (and not ourselves). As a result, we become disconnected.

“A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself"

- Marilyn Monroe  


Enter stress & anxiety

Let’s be honest, food causes us women a tremendous amount of stress & anxiety.

Stress over what to eat, what is the “right” food decision.

And anxiety in the form of “what if there is nothing for me to eat?” “What if I gain weight and look fat?” “What if that food I just ate makes me bloated? ”

Not to mention the shaming we put ourselves through after eating something we think we shouldn’t.

Food becomes the enemy and scary rather than nourishing and medicinal.


So How do we know what to eat?


The media is constantly contradicting itself when it comes to food.

  • Coffee is good, coffee is bad

  • Carbs are good, carbs are bad

  • Raw food only, cooked food only

  • Vegan only, paleo only

No wonder so many people are confused what to eat!

Here is a little secret:

Your body already knows what it wants to eat, you just need to listen.

Hi, I’m Becca.

I spent most of my life suffering from disordered eating. Whether it was restricting (in HS), dieting (in College), or food obsessed (foodie) for most of my 20s.

I have always had a solid foundation when it comes to “healthy eating” thanks to my holistic parents.

Food doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Food doesn’t have to be so complicated.

But I too got confused by the media.

I started on the road to intuitive eating for my body 5 years ago and never looked back. Oh, and I went back to school and got a degree in Integrative Nutrition.

Learning how to eat intuitively to my body, enjoy my indulgences, and love my body no matter how it looks has been a journey.

I do not believe there is a cookie cutter approach when it comes to intuitive eating. All of our eating habits and behaviors are ingrained in us, many of which are tied to our childhood, emotions, anxiety, trauma, body image, and many other factors.

I believe this is part of why dieting doesn’t work!

It fails to address the ROOT issue for why you either can’t stick to a protocol, or why you don’t feel happy in your body as it currently exists. Tackling our food and bodies can be scary, intimidating, and paralyzing.

When we begin saying yes to our bodies when it comes to food, I’ve found something beautiful happens, we begin saying yes to our intuition in other aspects of our lives.

let’s Take the stress out of food.

Let’s make food easy again and learn how to eat intuitively and live more intuitively in the process!


This experience is for you if

  • You are unsure of what to eat for your body

  • You are sick of dieting

  • You are looking to connect deeper with yourself

  • You would like someone to mentor and guide you on your journey

  • You experience stress (and or) anxiety around food decisions

  • You experience regular shaming after indulging

  • You are looking to understand your emotional eating and cravings

*While I would love to welcome everyone, this experience is not for any women who are in an active eating disorder (or recovered within the past year). This is not for anyone with a specific weight goal in mind (while you may lose weight, this experience is about lifestyle changes).


What you’ll transform



  • Start to tune into emotional and stress eating (signs & signals)

  • Adopt tools (customized to you) to tackle anxious thoughts and stress around food & your body

  • Learn how to sit with yourself and your emotions before and after indulging (we all indulge, let’s set you up for success)!



  • Start listening to your body when it tells you it is hungry, full, emotionally empty vs. physically empty

  • Learn about your bowl movements (yes, they are important!)

  • What food triggers you may have



  • Self-love tips and tricks

  • How to begin using your intuition (gut feeling) in other aspects of life

  • Your Ayurveda mind/body type – while the program will not hinge on Ayurveda, I find it very useful to learn about your mind/body type

The nitty gritty

6 Group calls

  • This is a group coaching experience. Why in a group? So we can build trust, support, and sisterhood for your journey. On these calls I will teach about healthy eating practices, pose questions, group shares.

3 private sessions

  • In your 1:1 sessions with me we will dive DEEP into some of your blocks with food, personal life, breaking down walls when it comes to emotional eating, mindset, stress & anxiety

ongoing support

  • When you’re in a program with me, I am your momma bear. You have access to me for questions and support during the week and weekend and throughout your 6-week journey. We are in this together! You will be supported!

‡ Program includes ‡

(6) 1-Hour Sessions with Me

(6) Custom Guided Meditations

A Personal Google Drive Folder For Your Progress

A doTERRA Essential Oil to Work With

Book and Product Recommendations

Explanation of your Ayurveda Dosha

Are you ready to invest in you? transform your relationship with food, yourself, and your life?