"Off Days" - A Gateway to Our Intuition


What is an “off day”?

Think we have all experienced an “off day”. We wake up on the “wrong” side of the bed – maybe we have a dream about an ex, or we are in the process of mulling over a difficult life situation.

Probably a little different for all of us. For me, these are the days where I just don’t feel myself. I usually feel like the color has drained a bit from my presence – feel a bit grey.

I do not always experience sadness on these days, just feel a bit lack-luster. This is usually paired with heaviness in my physical body (chest, stomach, or heart), and a “weird feeling” that I cannot shake.

The avoidance

I used to experience a lot of “off days”. Often, they felt out of nowhere, and frankly, I didn’t know how to handle them. So, I would try to push them away and not deal with them.

I would go about my day as usual. Sometimes I would try to force myself into feeling better – blasting happy music and attending a super upbeat exercise class (like Flywheel).

While these would temporarily make me feel better, I usually couldn’t shake the feeling.

Because that feeling is there for a REASON. It wants us to look at it. It wants to be known.

intuition and intuitive

These words are tossed around a lot, especially in the spiritual community. I believe very strongly that we are all intuitive (ALL OF US), and we all have an inner compass or oracle that helps us through life.

However, we are so used to shutting off our intuition, ignoring it, and using reason, that many of us no longer feel connected. So when we experience these “off days”, we don’t know how to listen to our inner voice or how to move through the discomfort that is coming up.

So instead, many of us sit there feeling terrible all day. Maybe we eat too many sweets to try to “feel good”, maybe we wait for the feeling to fade, maybe we retreat to solitude.

But there is another way...

Find your WHY

I didn’t used to spend much time thinking about WHY I felt off or what my intuition might be telling me until a couple years ago. Before that, I honestly didn’t care why, I just wanted the icky feeling to go away.

Wish there was this magical story I could share of this one day where everything clicked. But that is not how it happened.

Through my meditation practice and curiosity, I started paying closer attention to my thoughts. I realized most of my “off days” centered around the below themes:

I’m holding onto something

Feelings of resentment

A shame story bubbling to the surface

Forgiveness for myself or others

Not honoring my intuition

Fear of following my heart

Regardless of the WHY, my “off days” are my intuition’s way of getting in touch with me

Learning to listen

It is very hard for us to tap into our intuition and listen when our minds are full of anxiety and a slurry of thoughts.

When we quiet our minds – either through meditation, sitting in stillness, or practices like yoga, we are able to learn to listen to our deep inner voice.

…And we know way more than we give ourselves credit for.

If meditation is not in your practice, that is OK! I love journaling as a first pass. When I am experiencing an “off day”, I ask myself the below questions.

  • What past or present situations are weighing on me?

  • In what ways am I not honoring my intuition?

  • Have I had any recent dreams that have upset me?

  • What is my intuition asking me to pay attention to?

Find the lesson

“Off days” are hard work! But I have come to appreciate them as my body and soul’s way of communicating with me.

Spoiler alert - Usually what comes up for me is something that my soul is trying to tell me that I am repeatedly not listening to. Once I figure out what is coming up for me and why, I look for the lesson, and then I try to honor that need as best as I possibly can.

Usually just by naming whatever is coming up for me, I feel the color and life come back into my body.

Gratitude and patience

Working with our intuition takes practice.

Some “off days” are harder than others. Some take one day to dissolve, some take weeks. Wherever I am with it, I work to find gratitude for my inner knowing, and patience moving through the challenging waters.

Doing “the work” is not easy. It is messy. It is complicated. It is scary. It is hard. But diving into ourselves is the most beautiful adventure.

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Becca Wiseman