Holiday Vibes Back on Track


It’s the most wonderful time….until it isn’t.

Ever experience that? You are having such a wonderful time and then something happens and it changes the entire evening for you? I sure have. Many of us have a very hard time bouncing back from experiences (especially challenging ones). This happens so frequently in the holiday season! A family member asks a probing question, we eat too much and self-shame, or the night just doesn’t unfold how we wanted.

I have one simple practice for you that can help you recover and enjoy the rest of your night.

The holidays are a joyous time, but they can also be extremely hard to navigate. If you are someone who let’s experiences linger and ruin your night, listen up! I used to be the queen of letting a challenging experience take over. Then I came to the realization. Why do we beat ourselves up over experiences that already happened? They happened! They are over and we can’t go back and change them. We are now in a new moment, a new experience, and we are missing it. So frequently we spend our lives re-living the past or living in the future.

The sweet spot is somewhere right in the middle, the present moment.

I can’t tell you how many experiences I’ve had where one interaction, memory, or comment defined my entire evening. Where I would spend the entire night replaying a conversation and wishing it went differently, or thinking deeply about the future. Looking back at these experiences, I was not present and ended up missing out on a lot. Not to mention, I developed IBS and Crohn’s disease.

When we choose to turn our experience around, we have the power to change it. Here are some of my favorite techniques.

Remove yourself from the space

I usually go outside or to the bathroom (because it is a confined space I can be alone).

  • Sit down and take 5-10 slow deep breaths

  • Read positive mantras or manifestations “I am enough” “I have enough” – you can put them on your phone!

  • Move my body! When we are so stuck in our heads, we feel disconnected from our physical bodies. I shake my hands, I roll out my neck, and sometimes I even jump up and down – it’s fun! And in the bathroom, no one will see you. And if they do, who cares!

  • Use some essential oils – I love Bergamot in this situation because it is a citrus mood enhancing oil. Lavender call also be great if you are trying to calm your body and feel your heart racing. For more oil recommendations, click here.

Take as much time as you need!

No one needs to know what you are doing and chances are, no one will notice, and you won’t need as much time to re-group as you’d think. When you do rejoin the party, see if you can find someone that makes you feel happy and stand by them! Pet an animal if you are an animal lover. Energy exchange is real and we feed off of each other’s energy. Join in whatever makes you feel happy and present and avoid anything that doesn’t until you have your sparkly Holiday vibes back on track.

If this is something that you would like to work on more deeply, click the button below! I work both in-person (Chicagoland area) or remote (phone, video).

Meg Jamison