5 Tips to Tackle Freak Out Moments


Scenario: Something stressful or challenging happens. How do you react (answer honestly)?

  1. You freak out and panic and go to the worst possible scenario

  2. You play it cool and trust that everything will work out

If you experiences a lot of stress and anxiety, my guess is you most likely resonate with Type 1.  

My life as a Type 1

I used to be the queen of turning a situation into the worst possible scenario in my mind. I was never proud of this quality, but I also didn’t really know how to do life differently.

When I would behave this way, I would tell myself I was preparing for the worst (hoping for the best), but really, I was self-inflicting an intense amount of unnecessary suffering (mentally and physically). And truth be told, 9/10 the situation would resolve just fine and all that freak out wasn’t worth it.

Real freak out moment of mine

Last Thursday we found black mold in my bathroom. As an integrative health coach, I am very familiar with the dangers of black mold, not just in the immediate, but in the long-term as well.

My landlord got right on it and hired a crew to handle the job. Even though I knew this would be fixed, this type of situation in the past would have called for an all-hands-on deck, ring the sirens, sit in anxiety for hours type of reaction.

My 5 tips to tackle freak out moments

1)    Know what you need not what you want

After assessing the situation, I called my Dad. My Dad is a Type 2 person – the one who stays calm in situations. This is what I need, not always what I want.

In panic mode I used to love chatting with other Type 1 people, people to join me in my freak out (misery loves company).

Ever do that? You have a fight with a partner or a challenging life situation and rather than problem solve, you just want to call someone to sit in the rabbit hole with you?

One day I realized what I need in these moments is to fight the urge of reaching out to a Type 1, and reach out to a Type 2 instead! This change has made all the difference.

2)    Change up the energy

After devising an action plan and allowing myself a mini freak out (don’t be scared of letting yourself FEEL), I left my apartment. When I am dealing with a toxic situation, or person, I find nothing beats fresh air, moving my body, and new energy. For less severe situations, sage, palo santo, or diffusing essential oils works too.

3)    Use essential oils

Essential oils have been a miracle for my emotions and such amazing tools in my life. Before I left my apartment, I reached for doTERRA Cheer roller, one of my favorites. It is full of all the citrus, mood enhancing oils, and smells like a cupcake. I slathered this on my pulses, neck, and self-diffused. If you would like to get started with oils and have someone mentor you along the way, click here.

4)    Breathe and center

I sat in my car and took some deep belly breaths and meditated for about 10 minutes. When in high stress mode, we completely forget to breathe. When we breathe from out bellies, we are stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and literally helping ourselves out of stressful situations.

5)    Find the lesson

If you’re a Type 1, most likely in these moments having faith and being positive is hard. That is OK, this is a process and if I can learn, so can you!

Looking back on my life I am able to see every challenge as a beautiful lesson and gift. In retrospect it is very obvious how certain relationships, jobs, illnesses have taught me such important lessons, provided me with new knowledge, and helped me grow as a person. While in a freak out moment, I try to remind myself that there is a lesson in this and that this experience is happening for me, not to me. This perspective has changed my life! I am not perfect and some challenges are way harder than others, but this is my process!

Would love to hear how you pull yourself out of freak out moments! Comment in my facebook community (link below).

Becca Wiseman