Every Great Change is Preceded by Chaos


I absolutely love the truth of this quote by one of my favorite spiritual leaders, Deepak Chopra. As we close this year, it is such a great time for reflection. 2018 has been a year of chaos for many of us! We were forced to face many triggering situations and show up more for ourselves. In this chaos, many of us also experienced a lot of loss. We lost people in our lives, we lost places we used to live, we lost jobs, we lost thought patterns, and we lost behaviors. Through all of this shadow and loss, many of us felt lost ourselves as we evolved. Here is how I managed the chaos this year. If you are struggling with chaos, don’t miss my tips at the end!

Ride the wave

This year for me has been all about riding out the chaos and allowing it to take me to wherever I needed to be. Riding the wave so to speak used to be extremely hard for me. I always needed to know where my ship was pointing, and I liked my life to flow in a type of order. Honestly, it just felt safe there. When I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease my entire life changed. I was forced off of my boat and into the water that was the chaos of my life.

I felt like someone was taking a wrecking ball to my life.

Now, I am able to see that I needed to crumble my castle in order to re-build the life that I am meant to lead. When we are in the thick of chaos, it is hard sometimes to take a step back and view the bigger picture. Our lives feel chaotic and we feel anxious and stressed and we don’t know how we will get through it, but we always do! While this has been a year of tremendous chaos for me, it has also been the most beautiful year of my life. It’s funny, we don’t often think of chaos as beautiful, but it is what comes from chaos that creates the true beauty. And what comes after is change.

I went through so much chaos this year. I battled Crohn’s disease, I faced my stress and anxiety, I graduated from school, I got in a bike accident, I left my corporate job, I ended relationships, and I did the deep work to figure out who I am. While I was in it, this year definitely felt super chaotic! But at the same time, I knew that all this chaos was leading somewhere, and it culminated in me launching my business and becoming the woman I always knew that I was inside.

Chaos followed by order is the ebb and flow of life.

What I’m finding in reflection of this year is that in the chaos we are given a choice. Do we suffer in the pain of the chaos, or do we choose to learn from it and transform? I have spent most of my life suffering through the chaos, and what I’ve learned this year is chaos doesn’t need to be painful! Chaos is a time where we can learn the deep growth and life sessions if we give ourselves the space to see them.

How are you in moments of chaos?

Are you running around stressed and anxious? Or do you sit back and let life happen? I used to run around like a chicken with my head cut off desperately trying to “survive” the chaos of my life. Chaos time used to be some of my biggest moments of stress and anxiety. When life got busy, I felt out of control and lost in the chaos. My mind racing constantly with thoughts and was experiencing constant “what ifs” about the future.

If you’ve experienced this too, it does not feel very good! In fact, whenever I would arrive at the change I would say, “wow, why did I let myself get so swept up by that?”

Meditation to bring awareness

My meditation practice has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. It has forced me to slow down and start to really listen to my inner child, my voice, and my reason. We move so quickly today (almost non-stop), that no wonder we get totally caught up in the chaos! We aren’t giving ourselves time to reflect on what moment we are in and why it is happening.

If you are in a state of chaos today or have been in a state of chaos all year, I offer up this exercise:

  • Sit down somewhere and close your eyes

  • Take 5-10 slow deep breaths (extra points for belly breathing)

  • Allow yourself to welcome in this quote “every great change is preceded by chaos”

  • Allow yourself to think of the chaos that has been your 2018

  • What can you learn from the chaos you went through?

  • Any of the chaos you experienced in the moment that felt like the worst possible thing, did it end up resolving into something?

  • Maybe you are still in the chaos and waiting to see the order come (that is ok too)

  • Maybe in sitting and reflecting you are realizing that you experienced more stress and anxiety this year than you thought?

  • Maybe you are learning to trust the chaos and the process?

When we look at our lives and our hardship in the form of challenges and lessons, we are so clearly able to see how our life is unfolding beautifully for us into change. Next time you are in the thick of some anxious thoughts, allow yourself to take a step back and acknowledge the chaos you are in and feel good knowing that change is coming.

2019, the year of change

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been feeling the chaos slow and the change come into my life. Things are clicking into place, and all of what I experienced in 2018 is coming to fruition for 2019. This is not to say that more chaos will not come, but it is such a beautiful reminder that we are never permanently stuck in any situation. If you are looking for help working through the chaos in your life and finding better coping mechanisms to manage your stress and anxiety, would love to chat with you for a free 1:1 coaching session.

Meg Jamison