Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Getting to your root


Maybe anxiety isn’t ruining your life, yet… or maybe, it’s just “normal” stress.

But when you get honest, can you see where you’re headed? You’ve tried all the diets. Maybe, you’ve been to therapy. Maybe you’ve even tried anti-anxiety medications, but it never fixes the problem. You’re ready for something that actually works, tools, tips, and modalities that allow you to take the reins for your own life.

I promise you came to the right place. Let’s stop treating your symptoms (insomnia, nervousness, excessive negative thoughts, worrying, hyperventilating, loss of appetite, emotional eating, exhaustion, IBS). We’ll get to the root of your problem.

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Hi, love!

I’m Rebecca.

I’m a woman on a mission. On a mission to help as many women as possible step out of anxiety and insecurity and step back into who they really are.

Anxiety is not here to hurt us. It is here to help us on our spiritual awakening. It is here to help us LEARN and come back to ourselves.

Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not
— Deepak Chopra


I was fortunate enough to be raised in a non-traditional household. I grew up in NY and my parents shopped primarily at local health food stores, my mom used incense, we ate tofu, and we had no candy or processed sugar in the house (besides my Halloween stash). Even with this foundation, I still got Crohn’s Disease… oh and all the other things in the list above.

because health isn’t all about the food and fitness.

If you have anxiety, you need a lifestyle shift and true Wize Wellness.

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Client love

Becca has been one of my favorite people to work with. I am a corporate attorney, and came to Becca to work on problems with food, dealing with anxiety, and perfectionism. As a huge believer in cognitive behavioral therapy, I have seen therapists and really appreciate someone that is talented in their work. Becca is intuitive, sensitive yet stern, sympathetic, and detailed. In our sessions she digs deeper, but knows when to stop. She has given me tools to deal with my anxieties that I have never used before! One of which is a gratitude practice. Sometimes I get so caught up in the little issues that I forget how grateful I am for everything I have achieved. Becca has helped me learn to listen to my inner voice and honor my basic needs. I am so grateful for all that we’ve accomplished. I’m excited to be growing and to continue working with Becca!

Callie, Corporate Attorney



I've been struggling with anxiety for 5 years. I was carrying a lot of stress and anxiety that was showing up in my throat. I would lay in bed with my heart pounding, my throat throbbing and a feeling that I couldn't swallow. I felt really nervous that I would die in my sleep. The holistic healing that Becca provided me was amazing! She helped me through my negative thoughts, helped normalize them. She had a solution for everything that I was experiencing…throat opener yoga poses, essential oils, experimenting with food, different breath work, etc. I now have tools that I can use to help myself through it. I am so happy that Becca is in my life!